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  "Another day at work in the Maldives with Six Senses"

"Another day at work in the Maldives with Six Senses"

Approximately one year ago I had the dream to travel the world to discover new places and to show the beauty from above. Within a year I built up a full-service content team and created one of the largest travel & drone portfolios on social media. More than 70K active followers over 200 countries turn to @droneheroes for daily travel, (drone) photo- and videography inspiration. At this moment our reach on Instagram is approx. 800.000 impressions per month.

We are creating “social first” content for brands through high quality visuals and drone technology; using visual analytics to optimise & enhance content, DroneHeroes adopts a data-driven approach to creating brand narratives and effective marketing on social media. Besides content creation, we're reviewing products and giving keynote talks to inspire and educate people within this rapidly growing industry.

We are licensed to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) worldwide. In addition to that, we are working together with incredibly talented content creators to help you grow your business.

This year we've been to: Austria, Spain, Thailand, South-Korea, Maldives, Russia, Dubai, Philippines and many more! Follow the journey at:

- Ronny Brouwers (Founder)


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